Ariell Zimran
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Published Papers:

Zimran, Ariell (2019). "Sample-Selection Bias and Height Trends in the Nineteenth-Century United States." Journal of Economic History 79:1, pp. 99-138. doi:10.1017/S0022050718000694.
    Revised version of NBER Working Paper 24815

Spitzer, Yannay and Ariell Zimran (2018). "Migrant Self-Selection: Anthropometric Evidence from the Mass Migration of Italians to the United States, 1907-1925." Journal of Development Economics 134, pp. 226-247. doi:10.1016/j.jdeveco.2018.04.006.

Working Papers:

Collins, William J. and Ariell Zimran (2018). "The Economic Assimilation of Irish Famine Migrants to the United States." NBER Working Paper 25287. (Under Review)
    Media Coverage: VoxEU

Zimran, Ariell (2018). "Transportation and Health in a Developing Country: The United States, 1820--1847." NBER Working Paper 24943. (Under Review)
    Media Coverage: CityLab, Der Standard

Zimran, Ariell (2017). "Intuition to Recognize and Address Sample-Selection Bias in Historical Sources, With Illustrations from the Historical Heights Literature." (PDF) Revisions requested by Social Science History