Ariell Zimran
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Published Papers:

Zimran, Ariell (2020). "Recognizing Sample-Selection Bias in Historical Data." Social Science History 44:3, pp. 525-554. doi:10.1017/ssh.2020.11.

Zimran, Ariell (2020). "Transportation and Health in the Antebellum United States 1820-1847." Journal of Economic History 80:3, pp. 670-709. doi:10.1017/S0022050720000315.
    Revised version of NBER Working Paper 24943
    Media Coverage: CityLab, Der Standard

Collins, William J. and Ariell Zimran (2019). "The Economic Assimilation of Irish Famine Migrants to the United States." Explorations in Economic History 74, 101302. doi:10.1016/j.eeh.2019.101302.
    Revised version of NBER Working Paper 25287
    Media Coverage: VoxEU, The Long Run, Sunday Times

Zimran, Ariell (2019). "Sample-Selection Bias and Height Trends in the Nineteenth-Century United States." Journal of Economic History 79:1, pp. 99-138. doi:10.1017/S0022050718000694.
    Revised version of NBER Working Paper 24815

Spitzer, Yannay and Ariell Zimran (2018). "Migrant Self-Selection: Anthropometric Evidence from the Mass Migration of Italians to the United States, 1907-1925." Journal of Development Economics 134, pp. 226-247. doi:10.1016/j.jdeveco.2018.04.006.

Working Papers:

Collins, William J. and Ariell Zimran. "Working Their Way Up? US Immigrants' Changing Labor Market Assimilation in the Age of Mass Migration." NBER Working Paper 26414. Revisions requested by the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.
    Media Coverage: For All Magazine

Spitzer, Yannay, Gaspare Tortorici, and Ariell Zimran. "International Migration Responses to Natural Disasters: Evidence from Modern Europe's Deadliest Earthquake." NBER Working Paper 27506 and CEPR Discussion Paper 15008. Revisions requested by the Journal of Development Economics.
    Media Coverage: The Carroll Round Review Podcast

Spitzer, Yannay and Ariell Zimran. "Like an Ink Blot on Paper: Testing the Diffusion Hypothesis of Mass Migration, Italy 1876-1920." (PDF)
    Media Coverage: Der Standard

Zimran, Ariell. "Immigrant Distribution in the United States during the Age of Mass Migration." NBER Working Paper 28812. Under Review.

Zimran, Ariell. "Internal Migration in the United States: Rates, Selection, and Sorting, 1850-1940."